The Journey to a Better You Begins Here

Every day we wake up we are on a journey to be a better version of ourselves than we were the day before.  In addition to persistence and commitment, success along this journey requires healing, education, and support.  No matter where you find yourself on your journey, Priceless Vessels of Promise is here to help.

Programs & Services


Comprehensive & Holistic Approach

Priceless Vessels of Promise understands that ultimate health requires a holistic and comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of wellness:  Physical, Social, Psychological, Environmental, & Economic


Health & Wellness Programs

Exercise and nutrition are great ways to ensure your well-being but comprehensive wellness begins with taking an introspective approach to our lives in order to maintain balance and peace of mind.  

We offer programs and services ranging from sexual health, including HIV/STD prevention to fitness and nutrition to mental fitness.

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Educational Training & Programs

Knowledge + Education = Power

Priceless Vessels of Promise has created educational programs for women and girls that use evidenced-based principles and strategies to support real-life application in today's world

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