Our Principles

Priceless Vessels of Promise supports the empowerment of women, girls, their families and communities through the following tenets:

  • Promoting self worth and awareness for women
  • Providing education and support
  • Creating a safe place to share, heal, and be inspired
  • Promoting mindfulness and emotional well-being

Our Story


What is a Priceless Vessel?

Vessels are by most accounts anything that is used to carry possessions or things in. Like vessels, women carry many things throughout our lives. By design, women are wondrously made to bring forth and carry life into this world, unfortunately for some of us life wears on us and we begin to develop cracks and sometimes even "break".

Priceless Vessels of Promise believes that as "earthen vessels"  women have been created with & for a purpose.  We provide services and programs designed to see women & girls maximize their potential despite our flaws, and empower females from every walk of life to be the best version of themselves.

Meet Our Leader

Priceless Vessels of Promise understands that ultimate health requires a holistic and comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of wellness:  Physical, Social, Psychological, Environmental, & Economic

Priceless Vessels of Promise has created educational programs for women and girls that use evidenced-based principles and strategies to support real-life application in today's world

Founded and led by Executive Director, Pamela Price in 2012 using a 100% volunteer-based network of young adults and community members, Priceless Vessels was designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of women and girls by being community-driven and culturally minded.  Mrs. Price, overcame the challenges of seeing both her parents battle substance abuse to become the first in her family to graduate from college.  She understands first hand the importance of having the right support systems and structures are to having a productive and purposeful life.  She has worked in the public health and healthcare profession for nearly 20 years, including 8 years of service in the United States Army.  

Relying solely on fundraising and her decades of experience as an action-oriented leader and community advocate, Mrs. Price developed the dynamic programs of Priceless Vessels of Promise, Inc. that include Project D.A.R.E (Destined & Achieving Real Excellence) and "Beating the Odds".  To increase access to funding and expand the availability of programming and services, Mrs. Price established Priceless Vessels of Promise, Inc. as a 501c3 non profit organization in 2017.  

Programs & Services

Health & Wellness Programs & Resources


Emotional health and well-being are essential to living a productive and quality life.  Priceless Vessels of Promise  provides individual and group level support services.  Click the link below to find out more.

Educational Programs & Resources


Priceless Vessels of Promise offers culturally tailored educational programs and services for women and young girls.  We provide assistance with educational counseling, enrollment support, and financial guidance.

Professional & Personal Development


With nearly 2 decades in leadership, Priceless Vessels of Promise Executive Director  has proven experience in personal and professional development strategies.